Alternative Electric Power

Amps and Volts is a Factory Authorized Dealer of emergency backup generators.

Alternative Electric Power is a division of Amps & Volts Electric Inc., dedicated to alternative power sources including Generators and Solar Panels. We are anticipating the addition of wind power systems, and fuel cells as they become viable.

It's time to consider an emergency back-up generator.

Severe weather can strike at any time, and leave homeowners without power for many hours or even days. We only think about power when the service has been disrupted or when we hear of severe weather alerts. Savvy homeowners and home based business owners know that when outages occur, that it is usually hugely disruptive and the costs of downed work time, refrigerated food, and medicines can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars per occurence. Alternative Electric Power is the area's premiere electrical backup solutions provider and is committed to protecting homeowners whenever nature disrupts your lives.